Contemporary Narrative – Context and Manifestations

  • Stella Angova University of National and World Economy
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The first issue of the Postmodernism Problems for 2020 is dedicated to the contemporary narrative. The publishers approved the topic in January when our lives followed a familiar rhythm of work and the number assembled in a state of emergency. The context and manifestations of the narrative go through the exploration of the new hybrid oral-writing formation through the VoIP application Viber, a narrative analysis of one of the cultural icons of Japanese cinema - Godzilla, cyberbullying as a contemporary narrative form of aggressiveness, the use of multimedia narrative for different business sectors, crisis narrative, narrative through smart technologies and the phenomenology of virtual narratives.

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Angova, S. (2020). Contemporary Narrative – Context and Manifestations. Postmodernism Problems, 10(1), 1-2.