• Call for papers Issue 1/2022 „Local festivals: Traditions, innovations, resources”


    The last two decades there has been a “boom” of local festivals in Bulgaria: in addition to established festivals over the years, forgotten traditions are revived, new holidays are invented, which quickly become the „recognizable face” of local community. In the context of the COVID 19 pandemic, which has created and exacerbated a series of crises, local holidays not only retain their life-affirming spirit and meaning, but something more: their significant social role as a resource of coping with crises becomes more visible.

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    The Journal accepts theoretical, quantitative, qualitative and experience-based full research papers, short communications, review studies,  book and conference reviews, etc.


    Applications and case studies which introduce and describe impacts of new theoretical approaches in real conditions of practical case are also accepted. Authors can submit their manuscripts in accordance with the Instructions for Authors and Journal Policies, which are on the main page of the journal website. Deadlines for editorial preparation of manuscripts for publication are: April 30 - for issue 1; August 31 for issue 2 and December 15 for issue 3. All submissions are guaranteed a response from the editors, regardless of the outcome of the peer reviewed process.

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