YouTube media ecosystem. Сrowdsourcing, Crowd Storming and Crowdfunding

  • Violeta Nikolova South-West University
Keywords: crowdsourcing, crowd storming, crowdfunding, media ecosystem, YouTube


The media ecosystem balance of the new content- technologically convergent and personalized media is largely determined by the values ​​and rules of conduct of their own audience. The media's target is to engage the audience in the own cause, which should be recognize by audience as "theirs" and become them in loyal "consumer". In order to be achieved the goals in the media ecosystem were add the processes of crowdsourcing, crowd storming and crowdfunding.The crowdsourcing process can be explored as “mining” of many up-to-date ideas for improvements which are interesting to the audience. The most profitable and successful idea out of the many that have been acquired, must be chosen. The process by which have been précised and produced the leading idea which would be realized is called crowd storming. However, the realization of the "winning" idea requires some funding. One way to secure the funding is through the crowdfunding process.The crowdfunding process represents group funding of a project. The funding comes out of the audience in order to realize their desired idea.Each of the three processes can contribute to the success of the media, but in case of misconduct, management and execution, it can "pollute" with hatreds, attacks, insults, discretion, disqualification, fears and insecurity, the media ecosystem.

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