In searching of the world gatekeeper

  • Violeta Nikolova South-West University
Keywords: Agenda-Setting, Gatekeeping, Google Search


A number of notable scientists and researchers of the communication science take a central place in their writings on the topic of influencing and shaping public opinion, but also for the group response and the leaders of public opinion.

Researchers of the mass media, are focusing on the impact, influence, response and even for the "media dependence." Perhaps most significantly the influence of the people by the media is examined by Maxwell Maccombs and Donald Shaw -authors of Agenda-Setting theory. In the theory of Agenda-Setting Maccombs and Shaw explicate the gatekeeping concept. Gatekeeper is usually an employee of the media who filter incoming information in accordance with concrete media policy. There is a growing assertion that the world counts several news agencies that set the agenda for the other media. One of the current challenges is to determine which is the biggest gatekeeper worldwide and its motives for filtering information . To go into the gatekeeping problems it was used the approach of participant observation to answering of the question whether , and if so , what are the factors that influence the ranking of search results and suggestions of Google Search.

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