Young Sociologists in Reflection on Globalization and Sociology

  • Dilyana Keranova South-West University
Keywords: Sociology, Globalization


Globalization is a process that often refers to categories as change, transformation, hopes and fears. This process becomes the occasion for numerous discussions on the meaning of its influence not only about research field, but it's also topic of thinking for the social circles. By its definition, globalization process characterized with dynamic nature, with rapid changes occurring in a socio reality in which social scientists can see through the "gaps" in their theoretical concepts and attitudes. Can we say that the dynamics in which becomes changes in the society, promotes scientific knowledge and innovation generated by the need to develop a theoretical framework to carry it positive knowledge about transformations in the society? In what extent do we need the process of integration in social science:  Is it necessary integration and how it can be achieved in the theoretical aspect?

Building on these reflections, we can say that the issue on which unleashed realized two focus groups within the project at the Faculty of Philosophy in 2013 on "Integrating social and psychological sciences in a globalizing world" headed by Prof. V. Milenkova, it seems extremely current and reflection. Emphasis was placed on: Sociology and Globalization.

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