Digital and Social Transformation- Technology, Innovation and Framework in Education

Keywords: digital transformation, social transformation, technology, innovation, education


Technology has already transformed higher education worldwide, content in media from radio and TV and audiovisual content in streaming digital platforms on the internet. If we talk about the Age of industrialisation in past centuries now we live in fast developing Age of Information where computers are talking to one another, humans are talking to computers and humans are talking to humans through computers. The important point in the Information Age is access to information and access to content. In the time being we might be able to say that we live in the Age of Google and the upcoming Age of AI. In education technology can help students and teachers to enlarge their potential to access educational processes, personalized forms of learning, online teaching, and learning opportunities which we could see during the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital platforms widen the possibilities for the internationalization of higher education through access to open science and open data in digital platforms, new opportunities for international research, and collaboration of sciences.


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