Digital Communication, and Social Transformation

  • Teodora Petrova Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"


This thematic issue generally might be entitled "Digital communication, and social transformation". The articles are short, and the idea is that they show trends, and register processes in the communication field, in the communication process, and in society.
In Sofia in one of his lectures, Louis Bassat said: "The changes are so many and deep that they are not evolutionary, they are revolutionary". We tried to register some of them by gathering the opinions of young researchers and established scientists, to outline some of these processes
and to see the changes that have already occurred as a result. These articles register a small part of the numerous dynamic changes that are already part of the communication field and in our society as a whole today.

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Petrova, T. (2023). Digital Communication, and Social Transformation. Postmodernism Problems, 13(3), 283-284.