Volunteering: Between the Organization and the Citizens' initiative. Aspects, Benefits, Future

  • Georgi Boykov South-West University
  • Polina Petkova South-West University
  • Tamara Tomova South-West University
  • Peter Kynchev South-West University
  • Danail Mirchev South-West University
  • Desislava Stoyanova South-West University
  • Mehmed Mersim South-West University
  • Kristiana Sergieva South-West University
  • Radina Radoykova South-West University
  • Vanya Vylcheva South-West University
  • Gergana Stoikova South-West University
  • Nebi Belev South-West University
  • Nikolay Baltov South-West University
  • Lubomir Dimitrov South-West University
  • Alexandra Prunova South-West University
  • Milena Hadzieva South-West University
  • Desislava Uzunova South-West University
Keywords: Volunteering, Citizens' initiative


As the European Commission proclaimed 2011 to be European Year of Volunteering, the students, participants in the Club of the Sociologist, part of Department of Sociology, SWU 'Neofit Rilski', discussed topics on volunteering. Although volunteering is not widespread in Bulgaria to this moment, as every important social phenomenon it grows in popularity and will take important place in the society.

As a result from the discussions a successful definition of volunteering was created. Important differences between volunteering and other similar activities were outlined as well. Different aspects and applications of the volunteering were discussed and the conclusion was derived that it is irreplaceable and could play active role solving multiple issues in the society. At the same time alarming that such activity, no matter how human it is, could be used with a different purpose.

The stated theory could be confirmed on a next level of research with a field study or in a large scientific project.

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Boykov, G., Petkova, P., Tomova, T., Kynchev, P., Mirchev, D., Stoyanova, D., Mersim, M., Sergieva, K., Radoykova, R., Vylcheva, V., Stoikova, G., Belev, N., Baltov, N., Dimitrov, L., Prunova, A., Hadzieva, M., & Uzunova, D. (2011). Volunteering: Between the Organization and the Citizens’ initiative. Aspects, Benefits, Future. Postmodernism Problems, 1(1), 147-156. Retrieved from https://pmpjournal.org/index.php/pmp/article/view/161