Domestic violence: A paralyzing phenomenon for the family and society

  • Nuredin Chechi University “Aleksandër Xhuvani” of Elbasan
Keywords: Violence, family, , women, parenting, children, law, society


Domestic violence in Albanian society is one of the most widespread phenomena and one of the most unreported crimes. This makes it impossible to accurately measure the extent of such a phenomenon. Domestic violence is treated more as an individual problem, which belongs only to family members and not to the society. It is the responsibility of the state and individuals to take effective steps to protect women and children and stop the violence. Statistics show that only 5 percent of battered women report violence. According to studies conducted, it results that domestic violence, particularly the one against women and girls, has increased during the transition period. This problem is complicated because of its roots in the marital relationships, therefore it has a negative impact on parenting. Women who are victims of domestic violence usually find it hard to concentrate and work effectively with their children, are more prone to avoidance or denial of the situation and neglect the impact of violence on themselves and their children. In such a context it is necessary to design a national strategy to identify all forms of domestic violence, to determine the causes of violence and its effects. Also it should be drafted a social policy and various intervention programs, necessary to prevent any kind of consequence that could damage the family and the whole society.

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