Labor Market Participation, Informal Caregiving and Quality of Life of Elderly People in Bulgaria

Keywords: elderly, aged 55 , labour market participation, caregiving


The report focuses on the quality of life of elderly people (age 55+), studying the characteristics of their labor market participation and informal caregiving. The analysis is based on a nationally representative sociological survey conducted in 2022 by a team from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. The survey covers all age groups - 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, and 74+, as well as informal forms of work such as caretaking for children/grandchildren and/or another dependent adult. The results show a change, although not yet very significant, in the quality of life of the elderly in Bulgaria. It is characterised by the fact that a large proportion of elderly people (47%) do not want to work as they get older, which is more pronounced the higher their income. There is also a minor change in the proportion of people caring for other household members. This change brings Bulgaria closer to European levels, shifting the focus of family care towards care and social services professionals provide.


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