Bulgarian Political Dream

  • Jeko Kiossev South-West University ,,Neofit Rilski”, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology
Keywords: Political dream, political ideology and practice, constitutional practices and their reflection in Bulgaria, public attitudes and expectations


This article aims to investigate the genesis of the Bulgarian political dream, the attitudes among the Bulgarian society about the modernization of Bulgaria after 1878, the real results of the imposed political development models of Bulgaria and the stages through which the Bulgarian statehood passed, and an analysis of the reasons, because of which the idea of ​​a pure and holy republic never happened in Bulgaria. The research methodology includes using historical, sociological, and political tools to analyze ideological, political, and social facts and events. The main findings are that, despite Bulgaria's rich constitutional experience, a working, efficient and stable executive power is not realized, and the dominant is populism and the following of foreign political governance models, without taking into account national traditions and attitudes in Bulgarian society. The study covers the genesis of the Bulgarian political dream and the stages it goes through in modern Bulgaria. Conclusions can be made about the main political shortcomings of the Bulgarian political being and the manifestations, although episodic, of responsibility before the Bulgarian society and its influence on the development of statehood. The study reveals a reconciliation of the Bulgarian society for its development, the modernization of Bulgaria, and the concentration of unity in meeting the economic and life needs, although there are few exceptions.


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