Enlightenment Movement in Azerbaijane

  • Zohra Aliyeva Institute of Philosophy of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Keywords: enlightenment, religion, intellectual-enlightened atmosphere, East and West, natural rights, natural human


In the nineteenth century in Azerbaijan literature new intellectual atmosphere was emerged. The emergence of new creative literary forces reflected in itself the synthesis of traditional Islamic and contemporary Russian-European culture as a social and cultural phenomenon. Azerbaijani culture is a unique culture that combines cultures of Caucasian peoples, Turkic-Muslim peoples, European peoples, and has emerged at the junction of the related religions and ideologies of great civilizations like the East and the West, small and numerous nations of the world. That is, "Caucasian, Russian, European, and Persian cultural values are united in Azerbaijani culture" (Dashdamirov 1996: 11). The complex approach, logical-historicism, the principles of comparative approach, systematic analysis methods constitute theoretical-methodological basis of the article. The author has referred to the works of European, French, Russian and Azerbaijani literary scholars while working on the research.

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