Philosophy of the Approach to the Interaction of Cultures

  • Ilham Mammedzadeh Institute of Philosophy of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Keywords: cultural interaction, national culture, national and plural identity


The article discusses the methodological problems of the interaction of cultures and their influence on the understanding of the formation of modern national culture. Moreover, this approach does not deny the uniqueness and originality of cultures; it helps to understand the philosophy of their analysis and development. The concrete experience of Azerbaijan and some other countries is an example that leads to the comprehension of some generalizations in the formation of modern cultures.

In the context of globalization, everything related to the interaction of cultures, in our opinion, has become one of the most pressing problems. Its relevance does not negate the fact that after the famous work of S. Huntington, the problem of the clash of cultures and civilizations has also become the focus of debate and discussion among scientists. There are many clashes and wars in the world, the end and edge of which are not visible. However, there is a desire to cooperate, develop interaction, and strive for integration. One such project is the New Silk Road. But much in its implementation, in our opinion, depends on how culture will be understood. If previously it was believed that interests lead to wars, now everything is not unambiguous with a culture that, as a soft, or even “sharp” force, also leads to misunderstanding, exacerbating conflicts. In our opinion, the point is not in culture, but in its interpretation and peculiar use in cultural practice, education and upbringing.


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