Personality Patterns as an Ontological Viewpoint of Human Authenticity

  • Valbona Muça “Aleksander Xhuvani” University, Elbasan
Keywords: ontogenesis, human being, personality trait, personality prototype, socio-psycho developement.


In their endeavours to undestanding human identity, professionals of psychology and sociology,have often used different approaches and positions. Their arguments range from the genuine intrapsychic and macro-social viewpoints (Gecas and Burke,1995) to the identification of processes and affilated terminologies (House,1977).Researches for a stable identity state consitute one of the fundamental approaches of personality studies in the three recent decades (Marcia,1966).The great identity resources vary in the degree of importance:the most tangible sources are shown in the individual behavior and relevance whereas the less tangible sources constitute the features of our personality.

The present article aims to bring a highlight on the influence of ontogenesis, personality traits and patterns to the comprehensive human Being in the context of a normal and abnormal sociological and psychological settings.

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