Student’s Attitudes Toward Homosexual People

  • Ivan Evtimov New Bulgarian University
Keywords: Homosexual People, Student’s Attitudes


One discussion with students about annual gay pride provokes idea for survey. The survey was run by the students themselves. They interview their colleges from private New Bulgarian University and from state Sofia University, using a two steps cluster sample.

The main issues from survey are:

A small amount of students (about 10 %) have strong negative attitudes to gay and lesbian people. They deny them the right of marriage, the right to work as educators and teachers, the right to serve in army and to be politicians. They also hate minority groups and willing to put them in concentration camps. These students are very consecutive in their views and perfectly fall in a definition of Adorno for authoritarian man.

The rest of students haven't clear attitudes toward gay and lesbian. They contradict and in one cause they give homosecsuals the rights to be like every other people, but in another cause deny them the same rights. Especially they afraid if homosexuals work like educators. They do not hate minority groups.

When students answer abstractly, they demonstrate negative views to gay and lesbian, but they receive them as friends in an every day life and if they have a homosecsual child they will love him or her as a normal child.

So the negative stereotypes toward gay and lesbians do not cause discrimination in a real life.

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