The Challenge in front of the new PR and media communications in perspective of European reality

  • Maria Liubenova South-West University
Keywords: media, PR, communications, public and new media, institutions, new media unit, media center, literal media


The dynamics and instability of the values requires - adequate, fast and clear communication. This are the needs of the new democratic society. Except communicational intermediary every PR needs to be a mediator and "educational expert".

The integrational process of the European commission and institutions requires opening of the communications and a new definition of the PR profession. If we don't talk right and don't perform with the directives there is no way of a synchronization and an adequate feedback, between us and Europe.

There is a challenge in front of the present institutional communication and the press centers, because there is a lack communicational standards in Bulgaria, the profession is still new and its roll is often underestimated from the legislative and executive authority.

There are no RELEVANT rules, norms and model for these so important for the society communications. The situation is becoming more difficult from the crisis in the media, which turns out to be a leaver for manipulation over the mind and thought of the society.

A need of immediate introduction of a new concept in the system of communications is found - a new media unit in the system of communications in the executive- "Media center - intelligent system for control of the information." There is a need of an immediate development of a such logistic and software product which can illustrate a new media unit.

Maybe the new educational media canal - Media institutional and virtual center, which will determinate and solve many problems created by a lack of information or disinformation for years. Surely the innovation could be positioned like one social channel for literacy of the citizens, like a model  for future socially media with practical, directed, informational and literal function.

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