Imagination and creativity

  • Milena Aneva South-West University
Keywords: imagination, creativity, fantasy, art, theater, acting


House of Baba Yaga, there is of course only in fairy tales, but the elements that built this magical image, taken from the real experience of people and just combining them bears the marks of the fairy, ie imagination has become the primary cause of creativity - substandard construction of reality.

Thus, the imagination always be of a material given by reality. It is true that imagination can create new and new degrees of combination, the combined first primary elements of reality, combining secondary then already these fantasy images. But recent elements that builds and farthest from reality fantastic idea these last elements will always be impressed by the reality.

Here we find the first and most important law, which is subject to the activity of the imagination. This law can be formulated as: creativity imagination is correlated with the richness and diversity of past experience of man, for precisely this experience is the material from which to create buildings of fantasy. The more extensive experience of man, the more material has its imagination. Therefore, a child's imagination is poorer than in the adult and this is explained by the greater poverty of his experience.

Pedagogical conclusion that can be drawn from what has been said to be locked in the need to expand the experience of Dede, if we want to create a solid enough foundation for his creative work.

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