Call for papers Issue 1/2022 „Local festivals: Traditions, innovations, resources”


The last two decades there has been a “boom” of local festivals in Bulgaria: in addition to established festivals over the years, forgotten traditions are revived, new holidays are invented, which quickly become the „recognizable face” of local community. In the context of the COVID 19 pandemic, which has created and exacerbated a series of crises, local holidays not only retain their life-affirming spirit and meaning, but something more: their significant social role as a resource of coping with crises becomes more visible.
What are local festivals, what are the factors influencing their features? What are their social functions and role in local communities, what is their impact on the lifestyle of modern societies? Issue 1 of the journal “Postmodernism Problems” for 2022 will seek answers to these questions. We expect articles on subjects such as: nature, origins, traditions and changes in local festivals; role of the central and local administration in the organization and holding of local festivals; initiative local social actors (individuals, social groups) as organizers and participants in them; local festivals and opportunities for economic development, education, culture and employment in the region; local festivals and civic participation of various social groups (including ethnic and religious); local festivals, consumption patterns, lifestyles, leisure and quality of life in local communities, as well as on the other problems related to the issue.

Guest Editor: Prof. Maya Keliyan

The deadline for receiving the articles is February 28, 2022.