Call for Papers :: Special issue :: Arts and Culture in the Conditions of Global Insecurity and Post-Digitality


The world in its current situation can be defined as "post-digital," which shows the extent to which the processes of digitalization deeply affect every area of ​​social life, from the arts and culture to politics and economics. This is also the world of bits, set out by Nicolas Negroponte (1995) in his book Being Digital.

As noted in authoritative texts, "the post-digital world does not mean that the digital age is over," but many new questions are being asked. It is worth thinking about how digital technologies are changing the way culture is created, presented, and consumed; the changes coming from connectivity are thanks to Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and how things are transformed into uncertainties. The crisis with the current pandemic has led to a situation we can call insecurity. It also imposes many new academic considerations on the contemporary development of uncertainty. We face cultural and social stakes. The following topics, without being exclusive, are essential for theoretical reasoning:

  • digital technologies, culture, and media in conditions of uncertainty,
  • digital technologies and arts,
  • digital technologies and their role for the preservation of cultural heritage,
  • networking in arts and culture,
  • how culture can be defined as "post-digital,"
  • network thinking,
  • how culture can be defined as "post-digital,"
  • digital cultural research - possible descriptive and analytical approaches.

The studies could focus upon the above-mentioned axes or  turn  to other relevant topics.

Deadline for submission of the articles: March 15

Please submit the article following the general requirements available at:


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