The problem of Values in Online Social Networks

  • Teodora Hristova New Bulgarian University
Keywords: values, personality, identity, internet social networks, virtual communities


New digital technologies are having a major impact not only on our daily live but also on social relations, education, religion, family, government, trade, economy, production and knowledge dissemination, and on ourselves as individuals. Internet and virtual communities provide new opportunities not only for communication but also for our self-representation as individuals. Online social networking is a place for self-presentation. They are a new kind of scene with unlimited possibilities, which affect not only our personality but also our values. They are the expression of what we consider important in life, give us purpose and determine our actions and interactions with others. They have their own norms and values but by them they give us a new field for offline or "real" world values. Internet social networks give publicity to our social values and make them available to the public. They give us publicity not only for our personality but for our values as social beings. We are part of society and we have adopted and interpreted its values through their identity.

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