The Concepts of Heterodox аnd Orthodox Islam. The Islam of the Turkic Nation -Kizilbashlig

  • Yasaman Garagoyunlu (Mahmudova) Institute of Philosophy of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Keywords: Khorasan, Safavid, Kizilbashlig, Heterodox Islam, incarnation, reincarnation, unity of existence (wahdat al-wujut)


The old Indian, Turkic and Persian rooted, religious and tasawwuf movements –Tengrism (The belief of the Sky God), Shamanism, Shia Islam, Batiniyya, Sufism, and also the movements of Salman al-Farsi, Abu Muslim, Ishagat-Turki, Fatimi, Mavalilikin the leadership of Babak, the concept of Islam Heterodox appeared from the synthesis of the ideas of Buddhism, Manichaeism, Christianity stands on the basis of the outlook of Kizilbashlig. The ideology of Safavid consists of the synthesis of the traditions and hierarchy of Sufism –Islam as a religion, Shia as a faith, Safavid as a sect. The Heterodox Islam called Islamized Shamanism is the outlook formed from the combination of the culture of Ali, the culture of Kerbala with the ideas of incarnation, reincarnation, wahdat al-wujut (unity of existence).


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