Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism Prospects

  • Albena Nakova Institute of Philosophy and Sociology - BAS
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This issue of Postmodernism Problems is dedicated to understanding and accepting the cultural difference of the “other”. It is the result of the joint work of scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology and the Institute of Philosophy of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. It is an expression and at the same time a new phase in the inter-academic cooperation between Bulgaria and Azerbaijan, dating back to the mid-20th century. Making a new start in this collaboration, based on interdisciplinary research, allows us to take a new look at the socio-humanitarian and cultural heritage of the countries of the Black and Caspian Sea, to explore the past and the prospects for interaction, to follow the dialogue between cultures, to enrich the knowledge of the ongoing new processes of democracy, globalization, the construction and establishment of new identities and a new interpretation of the cultural and historical heritage, to reveal the relationship between history and present-day politics.

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