Ecology of Media: Metaphors and Media Paradoxes

  • Tolya Stoitsova New Bulgarian University
Keywords: metaphors, ecology of mass media, false news, purity of media language, confidence in media, freedom of speech


Article discussed problems, in connection with mass media purity – objectiveness of information, truthfulness of facts, false news role, use of literary Bulgarian language, and style of writing/speaking in journalism. Some of major real mass media paradoxes in Bulgaria are analyzed. One of them is together with increasing of professionalism of journalists and in the same time – reduction of confidence in media. Other one is related to the media freedom and “the democratic censorship”. The third and last paradox concerns the freedom and the abuse of freedom of mass media.

As a result of the theoretical analysis, modern basic requirements are introduced. They are oriented towards both – students in journalism and professionals in mass media.

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